Re-post of : A View …

Marienburg Castle, Germany

…because below the original post was a like from a user with a Nazi symbol as a profile picture, which I immediately blocked and of course I reported the User and Page etc – I hidden likes on my page for this single post, but the like with the profile picture was still visible in WordPress reader . Unfortunately, no specific individual like can be deleted in WordPress Reader. I’d rather delete the original post.

Don’t give Nazis a stage!

2 thoughts on “Re-post of : A View …

  1. Linsenfutter says:

    Bei mir ist er auch drauf. Anzeige läuft. Erst einmal lasse ich alles über Reader laufen.
    LG Jürgen

    1. Achim says:

      Sehr gut! Aber eine Löschfunktion für solche … wäre wirklich gut.
      LG Achim


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