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Museum of the Moon

„Museum of the Moon“ – Installation by Luke Jerram at the EVI Light Art Biennale 2024 in Hildesheim-

Song of the Day : „Eclipse“ by Pink Floyd -The Dark Side Of The Moon (1973)

Goodbye 2023

„I′m ashes on the water now
Somewhere far away
You think you came here just in time
But you’re twenty years too late
You won′t have long to wait“

„Easy, you said I was easy. This world sharpens teeth. Eat your words…“

Goodbye to All That / Wave /Mad /The Opium Den / The Slide /Standing in The Swing – by Marillion – Brave ( 1994)

Goodbye 2023 …. – and have a Happy New Year 2024!

Old Town

Song of the Day: “ Love Can Heal“ Dark-Side-Mix by Peter Gabriel – i/o (2023)

Autumn Avenue

„…it´s colder than before – the seasons took all they had come for….“

„Beloved“ by VNV Nation – Futureperfect (2002)

Silent Sunday: Invisible

Song of the Day: „Invisible“ from my Album “ Insomnia“ (2022)

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