Achim Bornemann


I like technology, art and all kinds of instruments to play music and i like many other things, too.

I always enjoy trying new things.

Photography has been with me since 6th grade at school, when I was still developing analogue images in a darkroom in a photography course.

When I started with music, it quickly became clear that I needed appropriate images for the music.

I was in a virtual band on the internet and we recorded our ideas in our own little „home studio“.
From the idea to recording, producing and mastering on the PC, we did everything ourselves.
The opportunities to express yourself creatively are much greater and easier today.

What has never changed is finding the right words. But if you look at the pictures or listen to my music, you can let your own pictures in your head run completely unbiased. The music I make is instrumental and it’s hard to put them into a category – it’s like film music – for your own movie. That’s why I like to say it’s: #musicforthehead

I like the music of David Bowie, Marillion, Porcupine Tree, Pink Floyd, Tangerine Dream and Gary Numan – just to name a few. But I also love music by artists which are less known. I’ve been able to discover them on different platforms like Reverbnation or Bandcamp. The world is full of good music and creative people. Have Fun!


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