In August 2016 I released my first solo album „Soundscapes“ and one of my favorite track on it was, or is „Sunburst“ and I still love that song. I’m a bit old fashioned when it comes to writing music because I don’t think a song has to be a 3 minute cut to get radio play. And I’m far from being that famous, so I can do whatever I want to write songs. I like fading in and out and build a mood. I remember there was a version that was 15 minutes long, so this 7:13 minutes is more of a „short“ version of that. I also remember that I worked on this song for a whole year – but like many artists I think that a project you’ve worked on is never finished…

Do you like really long songs like they can be heard on the concept albums, e.g. Pink Floyd, or do you prefer short ones?

  • Sunburst
  • Sunrise-8
  • Sunrise-27
  • Sunrise-9
  • horizon


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