Autumn Avenue

„…it´s colder than before – the seasons took all they had come for….“

„Beloved“ by VNV Nation – Futureperfect (2002)

Silent Sunday: Invisible

Song of the Day: „Invisible“ from my Album “ Insomnia“ (2022)


“ …I dream where I belong
The time will never end
And I will not fear the falling anymore

„Walking On A Flashlight Beam“ by Lunatic Soul


“ „..a tiny flame inside my hand….a compromise i never planned…unravel out the finer strands…“

Song of the Day : „Mellotron Scratch“ by Porcupine Tree – Album Deadwing (2005)

A Web At Dawn

Song of the Day : “ Staircase“ by Steven Wilson – The Harmony Codex (2023)


Song of the Day: „What Life Brings“ by Steven Wilson (Single 2023)

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